Employee Information Sheet Template

What is an Employee Information Sheet?

Employee information sheet is maintained by many companies to keep track of working hours of an employee and the amount of money which is required to be paid. The regular payslip of the employee is also generated on the basis of the information presented in employee information sheet.

If you have maintained the employee information sheet correctly, it ensures that you are paying right to the employee. The main information which is included in the employee information sheet is the starting and ending date of the working of the employee, the agreement which was signed between the company and the employee, the detail of the overtime hours spent on work by the employee.

The recruitment process of the company is also completed with the help of this employee information sheet. The sheet should include the information related to the employee, such as his contact information, the contact details to be used in case of emergency and the bank account details.

The information sheet is very important to maintain. If the company is large, there can be hundreds of employees whose record are difficult to maintain in the absence of the employee information sheet. The sheet is designed in MS word or excel. The details of the employee are mentioned in it. Total number of working days, total hours and the total payment which is required to be paid to the employee is the main part of this sheet. This sheet also gives the information about deductions which are made from the salary due to taxes imposed or any other reason.

Employee information sheets can be designed easily and if you do not have time, you can download it from internet easily. It not only saves your time, but also saves the cost which otherwise had to be faced while making statistical analysis.

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