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What is Packing Slip?

Packet slip is an important part of most of the business. Usually, it is used by those companies who need to ship the product to other countries or cities. The packing slips contain all the information related to the products which are required to be shipped. This slip is placed inside the package so that the recipient of the packet can get it. He can check the information on the slip such as the number of products in the packet and the price. He can also see whether the correct product has been sent or not. The slip can also be pasted on the parcel.

Layout & Format

It is very important to craft the packet slip in the right way. The information should be included on the slip that is needed such as the address of the source, destination, logo of the company and the signature of the concerned person. It can be regarded as a written document that has a variety of purposes. There are lists of items in the slip which are going to be shipped as well as their price. Apart from the list of items, the company code, the weight of the product along with the item, the actual price of the product, date, delivery charges, etc. in short, it covers all the information which may be needed by the companies providing shipment facilities.

Key Elements of the Slip

Moreover, the packing slip also facilitates the sender and the recipient by adding a separate column for the signatures of the receiver which varies that the shipped product has been received by the right person. The slip also includes the phone number of the sender and receiver which can be used in case if the address of the receiver is not written correctly. The message of delivery of the parcel to the sender is also sent so that he can confirm that his item has been received on the other end.

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