Hotel Invoice Sample

The hotel invoice is used for billing purpose. This type of invoice is being used these days by almost every hotel since it saves a lot of time and the energy of the management of the hotel. Hotel invoice basically is a ready-made receipt which is required to be created only once and then can be used multiple times. All they have to do is to add the information in the relevant fields. The total calculation is done by the invoice itself. You can design your own invoice also.

Hotels are used to stay by people coming from other cities or countries. They take one or more rooms in the hotel and avail all the available services of the hotel. The temporary accommodation is provided to the customers of the hotel on the basis of payment. Some hotels are designed for ordinary people while some of them are made for VIPs which are quite expensive.

The main purpose of using the hotel invoice is to provide the billing details to the customers so that they can know the total amount which they have to pay. With the help of hotel invoice, the management of the hotel can keep the record of the transaction carried out between the hotel and the customers.

The list of the services and items taken by the customers is printed on the invoice. The prices of each individual service are also mentioned in the hotel invoice. Sometimes, the invoice is provided to the customers of the hotel before their stay so that they can decide whether they want to buy that item or not.

The invoice has a name of the hotel on the top along with address and contact details of the hotel. The room rented, the number of days the customers stayed there, the food consumed by customers and the prices of some other details are mentioned in the hotel invoice.

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