Household Budget Planner – Excel Worksheet

Making a budget is a very useful task since the prevailing challenging economic conditions have put everyone in a financial crisis. Some people think that making the budget is a difficult task and following it is even more. But in actual, the budget gives more relaxation and freedom to the person while spending money. It also motivated the person to save more money and to exclude all those expenses which are not important. With the help of a household budget planner, you can easily create a balance between your incoming and outgoing money.

How to Make a Household Budget

The household budget planner is designed in MS excel. There are some formulas which are added into the spreadsheet one time and then for each time it provides the relaxation to the person to provide only the data and it calculates everything by itself. The biggest benefit of using the household budget planner is that it saves a lot of time. The planner also helps the person in estimating everything in advance. You can design a household budget planner at home easily if you know the format and the formula to be applied. However, if you don’t have time, then you can download it from the internet which is not only free but also easily customizable so that a person can easily modify it according to his needs and demands.

You can add your salary, rental income, pension, savings and miscellaneous expenses in the planner to calculate the total amount which you have for spending in the whole month. Healthcare, utility bills, children’s expenses such as school fee, etc. clothing, food, entertainment and some other fields are also added to the planner. With the help of the planner, you can calculate the budget for the month as well as for a year. The total expenditures will be calculated by the planner.

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household budget worksheet