Job Invoice Template

The job invoice is a legal document which is used to pay someone after he has completed his job. A person has some specific services to perform for any company or another person. After the job has been completed, the payment has to be made against those services. The payment collection process is used to pay the job holder. Before the payment is made, the list of services which has been rendered by someone and the total payment which was agreed upon by both parties is written in the job invoice. It is very easy to design the job invoice example if you know the basic elements of the invoice.

You can develop the job invoice in MS word or spreadsheet. The invoice has a header which includes the information about the company which has rendered the services of someone. The main details of the company which can be included in the header are the logo, phone number, email address, etc. the date is very important to be mentioned in the invoice. Most of the companies assign a unique number to each invoice.

Another major part of the invoice is the section in which the details of the employee are included. This section includes the designation of the employee, the number of days he has worked and the salary. It also gives the information about deductions which has been due to any reason. The taxes which are imposed on the payment are also the major information to be included in the job invoice.

After all the details of the employee, a chart is mentioned in the invoice. The chart is composed of columns and rows. Different services of the person are added in those columns and then the pricing of the services is added in front of those services. At the end, a subtotal heading can be seen which clearly identifies the total payment which has to be made.

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