Printable Weekly Progress Report Template

What is Progress Report?

A weekly progress report is used to check the progress in the performance of the company in a week. Weekly progress reports are the backbone of any company. The reports can be very useful for the company while making an analysis of the performance. The quality internal check of the company can be easily and effectively performed with the use of the weekly progress report.

The report can be in any form. It can be a simple sheet of paper or a paper based on double entry. However, in order to keep the report simple, simple sheet paper can be used. This sheet can easily keep track of the daily and weekly activities which are carried out in the company and can assist in generating the weekly progress report.

Before designing the weekly progress report, the aims, and objectives of the design should be known beforehand. The weekly progress report should be made in such a way that the person can impress his manager. The report should not focus on those areas only where the progress was not made rather the overall judgment should be discussed in the report.

The weekly progress report can also be prepared according to the audience of the report. You should know what exactly the audience wants to see. For example, if the sales department of the company wants to see the weekly progress of company in the sales area, then the report should be focused on sales.

How to Write a Weekly Progress Report

The format of the report is very easy since there is no specific rule and no layout for it. It should be kept in mind that there should not be any information related to the report, which is missed or overlooked. The complete analysis should be easily made through the weekly progress report. The main agenda of the report should be to bring the improvement in the performance of the company.

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