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The fax cover sheet is a document which is used to keep the record of the fax which has been sent by one person. It includes the details such as the name, fax number, telephone number of the sender and recipient, the subject of the sheet, the time and the date at which the fax was sent along with some other details such as number of pages which have been included in the fax and the action that specify the expected response from the recipient after receiving the fax.

The theme and the style of the sheet should be simple and there should not be any complex images on the blank fax cover sheet since the fax printer does not use so advanced technology. Most simple and beautiful blank fax cover sheet is one which is made with black and white color only.

How to make a fax cover sheet?

Making the fax cover sheet is very easy. You can design it easily in MS word. Open the new document in MS word by selecting ‘’New’’ from the file menu. There are some available templates in MS word which can be used easily. One of the templates is based on a fax. Select any one of the fax template from the list of templates according to your needs.

After selecting the template, click the download button. The fax cover sheet will be downloaded and is ready to use. All you have to do is now to add the information about your company at the top of the sheet such as company’s logo, name, address and contact details. Once you have designed the fax cover sheet, you can use it again and again. The biggest advantage of using the fax cover sheet in MS word is that it provides the easy to customize tools.

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