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The main purpose of using the weekly timesheet is to take the recording from the data about a particular person or organization. If you have the data for the 7 days’ work, you can record it in weekly timesheet. The advantage of using the weekly timesheet is that the ending and the starting time of the job of the employee can be seen and the total amount which has to be paid to the employee can also be calculated accurately from the data given in the weekly timesheet. The weekly time sheet reduces the workload of the company. This document can be prepared in MS word or Excel. The best tool for this document is Microsoft Excel. All you have to do is to create a weekly timesheet. This timesheet which has been created, once can be used every week. It automatically calculates the details from the recorded data.

The top of the timesheet includes the details of the company and the worker. The name of the customer, supervisor, the location of the job, the starting and the ending date of the job and the name of the employee are the main details to be included in the time-sheet.

After all these details, the names of the seven days of the week are written in the prepared chart columns. There are empty columns in front of the names of the week. The timesheet is given to the employee to fill it with the tasks which are assigned to him each day. It also has a column for giving the description of task performed each day. The start and end time of the task as well as the break taken by the employee should also be included in the time-sheet.

With the help of the start and end dates, you can calculate the number of hours the employee has worked. Some companies pay the employee on the basis of hours and some pay for the days the employee has worked. With these details, the weekly timesheet calculates the total amount which is required to be paid.

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